Our approach to river restoration is founded in the belief that working with natural fluvial processes delivers the best results and the most sustainable designs. Geomorphic processes create a variety of riverine habitats which have different physical characteristics relating to flow depths, velocity, bed and bank materials, and channel and marginal vegetation. These are the building blocks on which habitats develop. Our team of specialists includes geomorphologists, ecologists and water resource engineers. We are fully integrated and take a truly interdisciplinary approach to our work.

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Fluvial Geomorphology

The discipline of fluvial geomorphology studies the interactions between flowing water and our changing landscape. At GeoProcess Research Associates we have extensive experience in natural systems; experience garnered from years of academic research and complex project delivery as well as many kilometers of natural channel design solutions. We use sound science to evaluate the formative river processes that are applicable to the study or design.

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Water Resources
Minimizing our impact upon surface water resources, including water balance, is our main area of focus along with identifying the risks and potential consequences of infrequent flooding and drought events.

The WR group within GRA understands water flow at all natural tempos. We work at the interfaces between human built and more natural ecosystems. That interface is fluid, extremely integrated, and must be managed carefully.

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GeoProcess Research Associates recognizes the interconnectivity between the physical and biological processes occurring within a riverine system.  It is simply not good enough to consider only physical parameters when developing channel solutions.  The physical form of a watercourse supports its biological life systems and vise-versa, the biological community provides feedback loops which influence the physical form of the river.  A critical component of GRA projects’ are understanding the biological systems associated with a river system, their form and function and how they influence and are influenced by the river. 

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Integrated Modelling

The cornerstone of our modelling approach recognizes that groundwater and surface water are fundamentally parts of the same system. Our expertise lies in applying this holistic water balance philosophy to the assessment of complex groundwater-surface water interactions across a diverse range of sectors and scales. An in-depth understanding of how water moves through the environment – be it a watershed or a wetland, a neighbourhood or a mine site – forms the foundation for a successful outcome in any water resources project.

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