K Glasbergen

Ken Glasbergen

Ken has fifteen years of professional ecological consulting experience in the areas of freshwater fisheries, channel assessment and restoration, vegetation characterizations and environmental planning. His past experience includes flow monitoring, geomorphic characterizations, fish habitat assessments, fish habitat modeling using RhyHabSIM, and water quality assessments including ecological toxicity modeling using the Biotic Ligand Model.

Jeff Hirvonen

Jeff Hirvonen

Jeff is a project manager and experienced practitioner in the field of fluvial geomorphology, having expert knowledge of channel processes (flow and sediment transport) and stream restoration design and construction techniques. Jeff has managed and overseen many kilometers of natural system assessment and restoration projects for rivers across Canada and internationally. His areas of expertise include fluvial geomorphology and erosion assessment, geomorphological field surveys and natural channel design and construction management ...

Ian Roul
Senior Ecologist

Ian has been working in the field of ecological consulting and restoration since 1999. His experience is focused on terrestrial and wetland ecology, ecological planning, environmental impact studies and environmental assessments. Ian has developed numerous mitigation and restoration plans for residential projects, road and highways, and linear infrastructure.

Recently Ian has presented at academic conferences on the subject of low impact development and hydrological connections between development and natural systems. He has been a speaker at workshops presented by the Ontario Professional Planning Institute to discuss low impact development and ecology. 

Jenn Reader
B.Sc., ERPG, ISA Certified Arborist

Jenn is an Ecologist with over 12 years experience working in the private and public sectors related to natural heritage planning, environmental impact assessments, Species at Risk assessments, ecological restoration plans and tree preservation and management plans. 
Jenn's core areas of expertise include botanical surveys, tree inventories and health assessments, habitat classification, Species at Risk assessments and significant wildlife habitat assessments. She is also highly proficient in the assessment of site specific natural heritage significance and sensitivity with a focus on landscape level environmental opportunities and constraints analysis.

Peter John Thompson
MASc, P.Eng.

Pete is a hydrologist specializing in integrated groundwater/surface water modelling. He has over 10 years of experience in hydrologic and hydrogeologic modelling. Other areas of focus include evaluating the effects of urbanization on the hydrologic regime, the future impacts of climate change on a watershed scale, and in-stream ecological flow needs assessment.

Michael Takeda
MASc, P.Eng.

Michael is a hydrogeologist and groundwater modeller working in the field of water resource engineering since 2009, with a focus on groundwater-surface water interactions and subsurface contaminant transport. Michael specializes in the development and application of integrated groundwater/surface water models, lending his expertise to projects that address water resource challenges of public and private clients across Ontario and North America.

Dr W Annable

Bill Annable
Ph.D., P. Eng., P. Geo

His current position in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo allows him to conduct research and consulting in urban watercourse systems, paying particular attention to sediment transport dynamics and flow hydraulics. His research interests also cover river restoration and rehabilitation of aquatic habitat, numerical and physical modelling of river mechanics, hydraulics and hydrology, and basin scale isotope hydrology and transport of non-point source contaminants.



Ben Plumb
PhD, P.Eng.
River Engineer

Ben has worked in the fields of fluvial geomorphology and river restoration since 2008. He has extensive experience in; morphological surveys, geomorphic assessments, erosion threshold assessments, sediment transport sampling, erosion hazard assessments and natural channel designs. Ben has completed a number of river rehabilitation and natural channel design projects ranging from local erosion protection to channel realignments.

Cailey McCutcheon
MASc, P.Eng.
River Engineer

Cailey is a river engineer, combing the traditional practices of fluvial geomorphology and water resources engineering. Cailey started working in the field of river science as a researcher in 2011 and has worked as a consultant since 2015. She has considerable experience with channel restoration, geomorphic assessments, erosion threshold assessments, 1D/2D hydraulic modelling, and floodplain mapping. Her exposure to a variety of different river systems in Ontario and British Columbia, as well as advanced academic training allows her to provide high quality technical analysis.

C McKie

Chris McKie
Water Resources Specialist

Chris has gained experience in many aspects of environmental engineering since the commencement of his undergraduate degree (2009). Since 2011, much of his time has been focused on river restoration and water resources engineering. He has taken part in numerous  field programs comprising of geomorphic surveys, sediment sampling, velocity and discharge measurements, sediment tracking with RF-ID tags, and water quality sampling.

Matthew Iannetta
Water Resources Specialist

Matthew has been working in the field of water resources for 5 years through a co-operative education program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Exposure to academic concepts, field data collection, modelling and design has developed into a specialization in river sciences over the past year.

Cal Jefferies
Water Resources Specialist

Cal gained experience in a variety of fields of environmental engineering during the completion of his undergraduate degree (2018). Since 2016 his interests have focused on the field of river sciences. Cal’s field experience includes geomorphic surveys, sediment sampling, velocity and discharge measurements and submerged jet erosion tests. Cal is pursuing his MASc with his research investigating erosion in cohesive sediment.

Tom Arsenault
Senior Hydrometric Technologist

Tom has 30 years of streamflow monitoring experience in the public sector. His experience includes reconnaissance and monitoring for stream gauge installations and also analyzing and computing hydrometric data using Aquarius software. Tom has extensive knowledge in conducting data audits as well as managing client services.

James Ehrman
Water Resources Specialist

James has been working in the field of water resources through a cooperative education program in the Department of Civil of Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo for the past 5 years. A general interest in the practical study of water in the environment has been refined into a specialization in river sciences in the past 2 years through academic research, lab analysis, design, and field data collection from streams across Ontario.

Dan Helc
Manager - Aerial Data Acquisition 

Dan is an entrepreneur and professional pilot with over 17 years of experience in the IT sector. As the manager of GeoProcess' aerial data acquisition unit, Dan pilots fixed wing and UAV (Drone) aircraft, as well as conducts post-processing, for wide range of aerial capture data types, including ortho-imagery, video and still frame inspection, photogrammetry, LIDAR, thermal and multi-spectral imagery and custom fly-overs for conceptual plan development and marketing.  His credentials include Transport Canada's Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) and in the United States, the Federal Aviation Regulations Part 107 certification.

His education and training is in engineering and technology management and his many years of project and business development have taught Dan to spot opportunities and turn them into value-added services for his clients.